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  what does it mean to situate ourselves within a female body?
                                                                  to exist, act, move, touch, look - to be looked at, touched, held?

                                                                  to be nude?

                                                                  how does it feel to stand unclothed in our self-ness?
                                                                  to scream, run, cry, or laugh – to dance, exclaim, or to be still?

                                                                  how do we grapple with what we have been told about how
                                                                  we must look, feel, and act? 
                                                                  how we must exist in order to appear, and in turn, be?

                                                                  where do beauty, sex, the erotic, and << beingness>>
                                                                  come together in the performance of femininity?

                                                                  with this exploration of form, and on being, 
                                                                  how might we address these assertions that have been made,
                                                                  using a space where the body can exist freely, driven by choice
                                                                  and unencumbered by expectation?